Vulcan Seal Identification Tool
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Welcome to the Vulcan Seal Identification Tool.

This tool is designed to help you identify a mechanical seal from our range, without any advanced mechanical seal knowledge, by selecting the key design features and then narrowing down the selection to the appropriate seals.

We have created a system where the seal is identified first via readily evident design features, that distinguish one seal from another. In the following pictures, we have highlighted in red the feature that is the key part of the design, so you can tell exactly what part of the seal we are refering to. Look through the following pictures of seals and their highlighted key design features, and pick the one that most closely matches the seal that you are trying to identify. Simply click on that picture, and the system will guide you from there, narrowing down the design features with more options and more red-highlighed pictures as necessary, to a list of potential matches.

Ultimately you will be presented with a clear diagram of the seal, and a list of the key dimensions for that seal type, which will allow you to positively identify the seal that you have.

It is important to note that we cannot guarantee the tool will always find you the correct seal. If in any doubt, please click on "Identify a Seal" in the menu to fill in and submit the form or call us on the appropriate telephone number at the top of the page.

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